History of St. Gregory Cathedral School

Tyler’s first Catholic congregation began meeting around 1878, comprised mostly of Irish-American immigrants who came to Tyler to work for the railroad. In 1893, a group of Lebanese immigrants joined the parish. And by 1939 more than 150 families formed a veritable melting pot that also included Greek, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Bohemian believers. In 1940, Bishop Joseph P. Lynch sanctioned forming a Catholic school. It took five years for the school to open, since it was the end of World War II when materials, labor and funds were in short supply. Father Vincent Wolf led a series of parish-sponsored fundraisers; among the most inspiring were the teenage “Troubadours” who sponsored a war-bond drive, beginning an enduring commitment to Christian service by the youth of St. Gregory School. Six nuns from the Schools Sisters of Notre Dame opened and staffed St. Gregory Catholic School in 1946, with Father Wolf serving as superintendent. Father Wolf’s vision was to “provide Catholic schooling that develops the whole child.” St. Gregory builds on this foundation by fostering an understanding of faith, community, service and worship. Importance is placed upon recognizing the rich diversity of the God-given talents that each student brings to the school community. 

We place a high value on faith development, academic excellence, self-direction, personal responsibility and self-discipline as means for developing the total student. Now celebrating 65 years in education, St. Gregory flourishes with strong enrollment, tenured administrators and faculty, a balanced operating budget and endowment for the future. Having been named three times as a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School, the tradition of educational excellence permeates St. Gregory Cathedral School. The principal and three staff members are graduates of both St. Gregory and its sister high school. In addition, St. Gregory can now boast third generation students. Many grandparents of current students are as actively involved in the school as when they were parents of St. Gregory children. St. Gregory School has fulfilled the early vision of those instrumental in its history. We are a leader in educational circles, committed to educating the total child. We are a multicultural community that values the richness of life itself, the dignity of the individual and the infinite possibilities of the person. Like our founders, we will continue to provide the same quality of life and quality of schooling that many have come to expect. St. Gregory Catholic School will both lead and succeed in the 21st century.