School Leadership

Letter From the President

Dear St. Gregory Community,

Rev. Hank Lanik serves as President of St. Gregory Cathedral School, which celebrates its historic 75th Anniversary this year.

“I am pleased to have Father Lanik in this position where he also serves as rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception,” said Bishop Strickland. “Joining with the effective administration that Robin Perry continues to provide as principal of St. Gregory Cathedral School, Father Lanik’s pastoral care and experienced leadership ensures that St. Gregory Cathedral School will continue to provide a second-to-none educational experience for students and formation of the total person according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

After serving for many years as director of The Pines Catholic Camp, Father Lanik entered the seminary and was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Tyler in 2011. He has served as pastor of several parishes, diocesan chancellor, and dean.

Beginning with St. Gregory Cathedral School, founded in 1946, and with the addition of Bishop Gorman School, founded in 1958, the Tyler community has benefited from the presence of Catholic schools for over 70 years. Both St. Gregory and Bishop Gorman have received the U.S. Department of Education’s Blue Ribbon Award and have been repeatedly recognized as among the top Catholic schools in the United States.

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Students:



We are committed to providing the safest means of learning and instruction while balancing the greatest sense of consistency for students, faculty, staff and parents.  Our planning and vision for the St. Gregory community through the COVID-19 pandemic, will keep us on a clear path to success. With this new normal we will need to strategize the best moves just as we do when we partake in "chess".  The acronym C.H.E.S.S. stands for Challenged, Healthy, Engaged, Safe and Supported.  We will stove to succeed at C.H.E.S.S. for our students.  

In doing so, we will continue to provide fulfillment of the educational ministry of the Catholic Church, as its primary goal is the ongoing formation of the Christian person.  The development of the individual's spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, cultural and physical endowments will remain as our standard of excellence.  



Robin Perry


Michelle Caccitolo
Assistant Principal
St. Gregory Cathedral School
Robin Perry
St. Gregory Cathedral School


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